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Why Hire an Architect?

Building code, zoning laws, looming deadlines, budgeting problems, compiling permit submissions, and dealing with contractors are just a few of the issues that can arise when working on project of all sizes and complexities. Not only can this endeavor be overwhelming, but it can be a waste time and money if not executed properly. Project-related stress can be drastically reduced by hiring a competent and knowledgeable architect. Architects are regarded as highly trained professionals in the art and science of design. They are often the lead consultant on projects, creating functional spaces that maximize the client's program. You may be wondering, why should I hire an Architect? What are the advantages? This article will guide you through the reasons as to why an Architect can help navigate a project from concept to completion in a timely, effective, yet creative manner.

Areas of Expertise

Any project that involves either building and renovating is a huge undertaking that requires both time and organization. Not only are Architects trained in the aesthetic aspects of design, but they can provide information on the technical issues as well. An Architect’s extensive knowledge in site analysis, building and fire code review, municipal approval procedures, and contract administration can prove invaluable in streamlining the entire design process. All of these critical considerations will allow for a contractor to provide a fee for construction by eliminating unknowns that can often result in project delays down the road.

Understanding Scope and Needs

Architects see the “big picture.” They are professionally trained individuals with real-world design and building experience that can work with the client to define the scope and nature of the project, zeroing in on the Client's needs and wants. This helps to ensure the project is a practical, yet realistic reflection of the design goals. An Architect will usually meet with the Client one-on-one to understand exactly what the main project drivers. It is this process that establishes the design direction, project schedule, expected professional and construction fees, which are all critical to the project's success.

Avoiding Design Errors

If a renovation project requires a building permit, professionally-drafted plans need to be drafted, submitted to, and approved by the local building authority. An Architect is more than qualified to assist with and streamline this process. While many jurisdictions do allow for plans that aren’t stamped, signed, or sealed to be submitted, it is not recommended because if something goes wrong, the individual submitting is 100% liable for fixing any and all issues that may arise, plus any damages.

Cost Savings

While it does cost money to hire an Architect, the product the Client receives is both professional and accurate. When an Architect produces drawings for a design project, they do so with significantly fewer design mistakes than the average person. Fewer mistakes mean less time and effort fix issues during design or construction, ultimately resulting in further cost savings.

Hiring an Architect is beneficial for all parties involved in a new build or renovation project, allowing you, the Client, to sit back, and enjoy the process of creating your vision. If you are interested in hiring an Architect for your next project, contact us directly through our website to get in touch with our amazing Architectural team!


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