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Architects do it with models. Hand-sketching and model-building are an integral part of our process, followed of course by all of the technology stuff like 3D Sketchup modeling, elevations, and working AutoCAD construction drawings. But in our hearts, your project comes to life from the moment pencil hits paper. 


Our designs range from creative and exciting to completely boring run-of-the-mill stuff, depending on your preferences and needs. No project is too big or too small, too arty or too bland. We can also skip the models completely and just do it with AutoCAD. Whatever you'd like!

urban design

Our cities are a reflection of our evolution as a species.

Urban design is essential in defining the street, neighbourhood, and city.


At Thinkform, we recognize the importance of urban renewal, revitalization, and adaptive re-use to preserve our heritage, and to give old buildings a new lease on life as a testament to our urban evolution. Simultaneously, the integration of modern architecture breathes life into existing streetscapes, refreshing the old tired lines and forms to create stimulating new environments.


With an urban planner on staff, we offer a range of urban planning and design services to suit your needs. 


Whether you're revitalizing your home, business, or the entire corporate office, we've got what you need to energize your space and inspire you while you live, work, and play. We do full scale commercial, institutional, and residential interiors. Retrofits or brand new construction.


We can help you efficiently outfit your office or business through functional review, to market your space to tenants through test-fits, and to maximize a space for whomever may be using it, for whatever purpose necessary. Whatever you do, we want you to be working in a comfortable, streamlined, inspiring space.


We partner with ergonomic specialists to provide you and your staff with the most comfortable working experience, because everyone is happier when they feel great.

signature pieces

We like to add a personal touch to our work. It just so happens we also have a bunch of professional shop equipment and a passion for making stuff.


From custom bike racks to liquid stone countertops, we will incorporate in some signature item for you to look back at and fondly remember that time when we popped into your life and made your space super ultra cool. 

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